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The cloud continues to have an ever-greater impact on businesses. Obsolete architecture is making room for simple and fast structures. Microsoft is also following this approach with its new Windows Virtual Desktop. Discover everything you need to know – today!
In addition, we’ll get you up to speed on the European Union’s planned extension of its Particulate Dust Regulation, which will come into force on January 1, 2020 and is expected to have a major impact on current IT landscapes.
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Everything You Need to Know about Windows Virtual Desktop
Windows Virtual Desktop Preview
With its Windows Virtual Desktop, Microsoft promises a multi-user Windows 10 experience based upon modern, cloud-native remote desktop infrastructure. The remote desktop session host roles running on Windows servers will be replaced by Azure Web App services.
Learn more about how Windows Virtual Desktop works and its pros and cons in our on-demand webinar.
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Tips: How to Enable Network Printing for iOS Devices
Network Printing for iOS Devices
More and more mobile devices are used, to communicate and collaborate with colleagues or to make informed decisions on the go. Therefore, simple network printing from iPhones or iPads is an increasingly popular feature.
Check out our blog to find out what challenges you may expect and how iOS network printing can be easily set up.
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Medical Center Heals Printing Problems with ThinPrint
ThinPrint at ZIAM
In the ZIAM, a joint medical practice, staff in the treatment rooms and at the reception were never able to access the correct printers. The diagnosis – the practice software provided via Microsoft Remote Desktop Services requires fixed printer names. The Microsoft Group Policy failed to improve the situation.
The therapy – with the ThinPrint Engine on the print server and the ThinPrint Hub at the various locations, employees in every room can now access the correct printer.
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Planned Extension of the European Particulate Dust Directive: Is A Printer Speed Limit on the Horizon?
Printer Speed Limit
You may have already heard about the latest proposals from the European Commission for Transport and Digital Infrastructure. In order to further reduce particulate dust pollution in public spaces, work is currently underway on a concept for so-called environmental zones in offices. One area that has been specifically identified is printing. Printers are either to be retrofitted to reduce their particulate dust emissions or only allowed to output documents at a significantly reduced speed.
In our latest blog post, we have compiled all the information on the current particulate dust debate. Learn too how ThinPrint can help you avoid the planned speed limit for printing.
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