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Dear Sir or Madam,
Berlin, São Paulo, Singapore and Sydney – with Microsoft Ignite we’ve been on a global tour over the last few months and are looking forward to the next stops. So far, we’ve shown so many enthusiastic participants the solutions that make printing possible in new working environments and from new devices.
But even in traditional environments, and especially through new partnerships such as with Stratodesk, our primary goal is to make printing as easy as possible. Learn more today.
Your ThinPrint Team
Stratodesk & ThinPrint: Easy VDI Workstations
Stratodesk & ThinPrint
Stratodesk enables easy deployment and management of Citrix Workspace Hubs. Thanks to our collaboration with Stratodesk, ThinPrint Hubs can now also be centrally managed via the Stratodesk NoTouch Center.
By managing all devices in one console, VDI workstations can be rolled out and managed in a plug & play approach – it’s never been easier.
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IT Department at Delmenhorst Municipal Government Reduces User Complaints Thanks to ThinPrint Hub
Delmenhorst municipal employees were increasingly stressed while trying to print from VMware Horizon Sessions with zero clients across their branch offices – as too were the IT department. ThinPrint’s compression and streaming now enables a smooth transfer of the print data.
The ThinPrint Hub also makes it easy to connect branch offices to the central IT system. Reliable and fast printouts now result in both the IT team and all other employees breathing a sigh of relief.
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Blog: Mobile Printing – Why?
ThinPrint Mobile Print
Printing should just work when you need it most. And this can also be the case even without access to a desktop device.
So, it’s great news that mobile devices can also print and support users in achieving their daily tasks. In our recent blog post, we took a closer look at why mobile printing is used and what concreate benefits it brings to businesses.
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