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Dear Sir or Madam,
The new version of the ThinPrint Hub now automatically detects printers located in the network. This gives you an instant overview of all printers in branch offices, without any on-site IT experts having to worry about printing.
Also, learn how to bring an end to slow printouts.
Kind regards
Your ThinPrint Team
Connect & Find: ThinPrint Hub Now with Automatic Printer Search
ThinPrint Hub 1.3
The automatic printer search speeds up and simplifies the connection of branch offices even further. Via the Find Printer button, all printers in the network are displayed and can be configured centrally.
Together with the monitoring features, administrators get an instant overview of the printers in branch offices and without any IT know-how needed on-site in branch offices.
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Video: Slow Printing? How to Get your Print Jobs Moving
Get your Print Jobs Moving
Is printing PDFs, images and text with special characters taking a very long time and slowing down the whole network?
In our short video, we show you examples of why print jobs rapidly grow in size and how you can significantly speed up the print output.
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2 Problems, 1 Solution: Weinmann Aach Reduces their IT Workload with ThinPrint
Weinmann Aach Reduces their IT Workload with ThinPrint
At Weinmann Aach, a metal trading company, the IT administration now faces 2 worries and a number of helpdesk calls less all thanks to ThinPrint.
With ThinPrint Printer Self Service, employees easily switch to other printers if they encounter problems without the help of admins. In addition, branch office employees connected via Microsoft RDSH also benefit from ThinPrint’s compression technology for the fastest print output.
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