Red Alert or Everything Okay?
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Dear Sir or Madam,
Are there red alerts in your printing environment or is everything okay? The ThinPrint Hub now shows you the status for all your printers. And not only that – the ThinPrint Hub now also supports the IEEE-802.1X authentication standard for secure networks.
In this edition’s tip, we’ll show you how to simply print better from SAP, Oracle and other backend systems.
Kind regards,
Your ThinPrint Team
Keep an Eye on all your Printers with the ThinPrint Hub
Keep an Eye on all your Printers with the ThinPrint Hub
Monitoring your printing environment couldn’t be easier thanks to the ThinPrint Hub. Once logged in, you have a clear overview of your printers and their status at all times. No matter if they run out of paper or experience a paper jam – the ThinPrint Hub shows you to what extent action is required.
By supporting IEEE-802.1X, the ThinPrint Hub can now be easily used in networks that are secured to this authentication level.
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Simply Better Printing for SAP, Oracle, Epic & Co. 
Simply Better Printing for SAP, Oracle, Epic & Co.
Printing from backend systems often runs separately from the actual printing system. This doesn’t have to be the case – why would you want to miss out on ThinPrint features like security, high availability, print cost controls and more when printing from SAP, Oracle & Co.?
In our blog post, we show you just how easy it is with ThinPrint to integrate printing from CRM, ERP and EMR systems into your existing systems.
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Video: Do You Still Need Print Servers?
Video: Do You Still Need Print Servers?
Print servers are one admin’s joy and another admin’s sorrow. All too often, the question arises whether print servers are still even necessary.
We explore this topic in our video and explain what print servers do, for whom they are useful and where they are not needed.
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VMworld 2017: Stop By Booth #1331
ThinPrint auf der VMworld in Las Vegas
Meet ThinPrint from August 27-31 at VMworld in Las Vegas. We’ll show you all the advantages ThinPrint offers for VDI environments, as well as for printing in mobile, cloud-based or local workstation scenarios. We would also like to take the opportunity to show you the ThinPrint Hub – allowing you to effortlessly connect external sites.
Make an individual appointment with the ThinPrint experts at: hello@ thinprint. com.
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