Identify and overcome data protection weak points when printing
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Dear Sir or Madam,
The importance of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation for printing has been met with a wave of interest. In order to ensure you are fully prepared, we’ll be providing you with valuable tips in upcoming editions on avoiding weak points when it comes to print security.
Today’s scene of the crime: The output tray. Besides unencrypted data being transferred, this is one of the most common weaknesses in printing. Learn today how to solve this problem.
Data Protection: Don’t Forget the Output Tray
Don't forget the output tray
Print data needs protection not just on the way to the printer. Data can be easily accessed by third parties when it comes out of the printer. There are not necessarily criminal forces at work in such cases. Security breaches often occur by mistake or carelessness.
In our whitepaper, we’ll show you how user-authenticated printing solves this problem and even reduces printing costs.
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Brother Integrates ThinPrint Client
Brother integrates ThinPrint Client
Brother printers are now also available with an integrated ThinPrint Client. End-to-end encryption right to the printer and the Personal Printing option ensure you are fully ready for the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.
In addition, you can enable high availability for printing with Windows Server 2012 and 2016.
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The ThinPrint Experts Are On the Road
Meet the ThinPrint experts
In May you’ll have the opportunity to meet ThinPrint at several events. Learn in live demos how to enable high-availability printing with ThinPrint 11 and to easily connect external sites with the ThinPrint Hub.
Meet us here:
Citrix Synergy, Orlando, May, 23 - 25 »
Citrix Technology Exchange, Bonn, May 29 - 30 »
To make an individual appointment at any of these events, simply send an e-mail to hello@ thinprint. com.
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