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What you need to know about the EU General Data Protection Regulation | View online
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Dear Sir or Madam,
The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will become binding in May 2018, but it is already ensuring many IT departments are kept busy. Find out how to design your printing system to be fully GDPR compliant.
For security reasons, print jobs are often sent via VPNs. We’ll show you today that it can be achieved far more efficiently.
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Ensure Printing Processes Are GDPR Compliant
GDPR compliant printing processes
The latest hacker attacks on printers show once again that printing remains a security issue. In the context of the EU General Data Protection Regulation, which will become binding in May 2018, printing systems must also be checked to ensure they are secure.
On our solutions page, we’ve compiled the most important facts relating to GDPR and will show you the most frequent weaknesses when it comes to printing.
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Is VPN-Free, Yet Secure, Printing Possible?
Secure printing without VPN
VPNs have until now been the means of choice for secure branch-office printing. But a cheaper and more efficient alternative is also available.
Discover in our blog how to securely print with the ThinPrint Secure Tunnel and the ThinPrint Hub and even address printers in masked networks. With our easy-to-follow guidelines, you can get started right away.
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New ThinPrint Client for HP Network Printers
HP printers with integrated ThinPrint Client
One main advantage of ThinPrint technology is its manufacturer independence. Devices with integrated ThinPrint Clients however do offer some advantages. For example printers can be easily integrated into ThinPrint environments without any additional administration effort. In addition, print data is compressed end-to-end, right up to the printer as well as being encrypted.
These benefits are now also available with HP FutureSmart Ready devices.
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