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print management in an instant, isn’t that something that nearly every admin dreams of? ThinPrint Management Services now allows you to automate many manual and error-prone configuration steps in every Windows-based printing environment. Setting up large numbers of printers and drivers, as well as deploying or migrating print servers for example has never been this easy.
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Set Up 1000 Printers in Just 10 minutes? No Problem with ThinPrint Management Services
ThinPrint’s software allows you to set up thousands of printers and drivers including all settings within just a few minutes or to even migrate all print servers in an instant.
As many scripts as required can run simultaneously on different servers and from multiple admins. You save so much time when setting up, maintaining and adjusting your printing environment. Manual entry errors and the resulting problems when printing are now completely avoidable.
Print management in an instant
Getting Started is easy too
As a ThinPrint Premium customer, you can use the new power tool immediately and without any additional costs.
If you are not yet a ThinPrint Premium customer, then simply contact us for a personalized upgrade offer at sales@ thinprint. com.
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Tip: Get Started Quickly with Ready-to-Go PowerShell Scripts
No longer fear PowerShell! We have compiled a range of cmdlets and complete sample scripts for you to use. From creating printers up to migrating a Windows 2003 print server. This allows you to get started even easier and faster with ThinPrint Management Services.
View the scripts here »
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